Dan Savage will be speaking at WWU's PAC on Saturday, April 4 at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $8 for general public, $5 for students. More info: http://www.as.wwu.edu/events/?event=1523

I was debating about going ($8 is a lot of money for me right now), but after [livejournal.com profile] kadyg threatened to kick my ass if I didn't go, I made up my mind to attend.

Anyone in Bellingham want to go with me? Should be a lot of fun!

Another victim of the economic crunch:

Western Washington University is ending its Football program

WWU has had a huge budget shortfall, due to the economic meltdown. For instance, they've frozen hiring for all open positions -- part of why I can't seem to find a job locally. Closing down the college football program for economic reasons is just further evidence about how bad it's getting.

Western's not a big football school. In my 2 years at the school, I never went to a game. None of my friends went to games. Football just never was very big here. Unlike many schools, football was never much of a source of revenue, and the program is losing money.

But I have to admit, I'm still a little surprised...

The image you see to the right is an image of me taken from The Western Front, at the Prop 8 Gay Marriage protest in Bellingham this past month. (It is possible that Flickr will take it down as DMCA flagged, so I may need another server to host the image, preferably outside of the U.S.)

By posting it here, I have intentionally, with forethought and contempt of copyright law, taken a stand for bloggers everywhere.
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So, I got up this morning, showered and dressed in my suit and tie, and prepared to go to my weekly meeting with my DVR counselor.

And just as I was ready to head out the door, I got an email from her office, saying she was unexpectedly out today.

Oh well. I'm already up and dressed to the nines anyway, so I might as well make the best of it!

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I have this amazing friend named Whoretense. He's a mad scientist.


He's one of the Bellingham Radical Faeries, and he's an engineer in his mundane life. But his passion... is creating these amazing fusions of art and engineering that must be seen to be believed.

Like today. After the gay marriage demonstration, he asked me to go with him up to Red Square at WWU, to try out his latest objet d'art -- a remote controlled wedding cake. With two grooms on top.

I'm not making this up!

He made a fake wedding cake out of a RC car. And put two grooms on top of it.

So we went to WWU and tried it out. It worked well! Passerby didn't seem to know what to make of a gay wedding cake zipping around Red Square!

More photos here.

Unfortunately, after only a few minutes, the batteries died, and that was the end of the WWU field test. But in light of today's protests downtown, it was oh so fabulous!

I have the best friends!
Hmmmmmm.... This just published today. Wonder why they waited so long? Interesting timing, given what's going on in my life...

From the
Bellingham Herald, Bellingham, Washington
Published Nov. 07, 2008

COLLEGES: WWU names summer graduates
Dean Kahn

The following Whatcom County students were 2008 summer graduates at Western Washington University:

Bellingham: Kali Albin, bachelor’s, psychology; Abdulsala Almarhoon, master’s, business administration; Matthew Anderson, bachelor’s, business administration; Aspen Gaia, bachelor’s, interdisciplinary; Brenda Apt, bachelor’s, human services; Edward Arthur, master’s, anthropology; Melissa Baldwin, bachelor’s, human services; Lisa Bates, bachelor’s, Spanish; Christopher Bauer, bachelor’s, philosophy; Ryan Beatty, master’s, educational administration; and Joshua Benham, bachelor’s, geology.

Libby Berg, bachelor’s, community health; Laura Best, bachelor’s, communication sciences; Erik Bies, master’s, human movement; Victoria Bigelow, bachelor’s, psychology; Rebecca Bowles, bachelor’s, accounting; Evan Bridges, bachelor’s, art; Edwina Broadway, bachelor’s, accounting; Cannon Brooke, bachelor’s, history; Ian Callaghan, bachelor’s, interdisciplinary; Joseph Carpenter, master’s, business administration; Kristin Chambers, master’s, business administration; Lindsay Christopher, bachelor’s, general studies; and Amy Collins, bachelor’s, political science.
Click here to find out more!

Megan Copenhaver, bachelor’s, psychology; Erin Cross, bachelor’s, sociology; Russ Cunningham, bachelor’s, p.e.; Marissa Darlingh, bachelor’s, psychology; Maxwell Davis, bachelor’s, history; Maeghan Demmons, master’s, student affairs; Angela Dittmar, master’s, business administration; Andrea Donley, master’s, business administration; Timothy Douglass, bachelor’s, biology; Sarah Duffy, bachelor’s, English; Benjamin Eilers, bachelor’s, self-designed; Rebekah Engley, bachelor’s, physics; Amanda Enlow, bachelor’s, English; Joshua Frazier, bachelor’s, business administration; Joanne Granger, bachelor’s, English; Kevin Green, bachelor’s, communication; and Joshua Grubb, bachelor’s, recreation.

Christopher Haas, bachelor’s, business administration; Sara Helm, bachelor’s, psychology; Kim Hendricks, master’s, education; Jessica Hughes, master’s, speech; Katherine Imus, bachelor’s, art history; Dana Irwin, bachelor’s, psychology; Robert Isaacson, master’s, geology; Kevyn Jacobs, bachelor’s, general studies; Amanda Johns, bachelor’s, journalism; Brian Johnson, master’s, student affairs; Nancy Joseph, master’s, business administration; Jon Junell, master’s, business administration; Patrick Jung, bachelor’s, anthropology; Eric Kingery, bachelor’s, sociology; Andrew Knox, bachelor’s, politics; Jeanne Koetje, bachelor’s, history; Kyle Koger, bachelor’s, geology; Casey Lawrence, bachelor’s, business administration; and Stephanie Lewis, bachelor’s, human services.
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The portfolio is assembled.

The interviewers and department are researched.

The clothes are ready.

The thank you note is ready to go.

And I believe that I belong in this job.

Last night, I was asked if I was confident, or nervous about this interview.

I answered: "Both."

This job was made for me. I know it.

My resume is impeccable. My knowledge of the field are second-to-none. I know there will be no other candidates for the job with my level of experience.


Damn it, I'm out of cigarettes again. Probably just as well.
I just got the call - I'm interviewing for the WWU New Media Coordinator position on Tuesday afternoon!

Fingers crossed!

After 22 years of work and gods only know how much money, I finally got...

...a piece of paper.

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( Aug. 30th, 2008 04:23 pm)
So, before I do anything else, I think it's time for me to take a moment and stop and express my deep appreciation for everyone who has helped me get to where I am now in my education.
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( Aug. 23rd, 2008 05:37 pm)

Here I am in graduation drag (complete with pink umbrella) at the summer commencement at Western Washington University. After 22 years, I finally earned my Bachelor's Degree!

(Note swollen right hand, hanging uselessly. It's blown up like a balloon. Mom thinks its bursitis.)

more photos )
My graduation announcements were delivered today!

They're embossed in silver and blue on heavy rag paper. The front flap has the school seal, and inside is an etching of Old Main.

The text reads:

The Trustees, The President, faculty
and Graduating Class of
Western Washington University
announce the
Summer Commencement Ceremony
and the awarding of the degree of
Bachelor of Arts
Kevyn Daniel Jacobs
Saturday morning, August twenty-third
Two-thousand and eight
at ten o'clock
Carver Gymnasium
Bellingham, Washington
Admission by ticket only

The envelopes are the same heavy paper as the announcement, and there are embossed return address labels and embossed envelope seals. There's even watermarked tissue paper to put in these! How pretentious is that?

Printing these was really expensive, but worth it.* (Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] teledildonix for helping me get them ordered!)

I'll be mailing these out this afternoon. Better late than never!

I have some extras, so if you want to receive one, let me know -- and make sure I have your address. (Teri, Kevin, Kevin, Kady & Bax, Mac & Catherine, I already have you on my list.)

Everyone who is in the Bellingham area is welcome to attend. (Despite what it says on the announcement, tickets are NOT necessary for admittance.)

* My crass, mercenary, American side says: These were an investment... so my family better send me some graduation money... 'cause I'm unemployed and broke!
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( Jul. 22nd, 2008 11:45 pm)
Got up this morning and went down to Kris & Kokii's to get the Star Wars Trilogy VHS tapes that I needed to return to the WWU library. Took the bus to campus & returned them, then visited my Tech Writing professor to talk about various things (he's going to write me a letter of reference, and he gave me a list of tech writer employment resources). Went to the cashier's office to pick up an invoice of the $40 I owe for degree application, which I am asking DVR to pay.

Went by the WWU alumni office to sign up for the graduation ceremony next month, and give my measurements for cap & gown (I'm sure it's not every day that they have to procure these for 6'7" 400# graduates!). Went downtown to submit the invoice to DVR, then took a bus out to the hospital to visit [profile] kennapea , who has been hospitalized with abdominal pain that they can't seem to diagnose. She's in good spirits, despite being hospitalized for 4 days now.

Surprisingly, BoyJeep is still in the parking lot there at St. Joseph, where he's been since Memorial Day weekend (I half expected they would have towed him by now). He still won't start. I don't have the money to have him towed, or the money to have him repaired (Anyone have AAA they could help me out to have him towed back to my place?).

Came home, and Kris came by. We hung out for a while, then I spent the rest of the evening on Facebook and playing Star Wars: Empire at War.

Time for bed.
It's official. I just got a letter from the WWU registrar's office, stating that they have evaluated my transcript, and agreed that I have completed all necessary requirements to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts.

Graduation ceremony: Saturday, August 23, 2008, 10:00 am, Carver Gymnasium, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, USA.

I'm going to walk across the stage, naturally. DVR is paying for my cap and gown.

Mom says she will try to be here, but I am not going to hold my breath. She just went to Japan to visit my brother and his family, so I know she's strapped for cash right now.

One month and 4 days from now, I'll officially be a college graduate. My 22-year-long journey through higher education will be over.
I'm back!

After spending days being hobbled by a sweet-tea-soaked-dead keyboard (*bzzzzt*), being forced to use the mouse and a virtual keyboard to type (*AAAAAAGH*), and totally unable to work on Wikipedia articles... [livejournal.com profile] teledildonix came to my rescue! He had an older-model (but still compatible) Mac keyboard lying around, and he gave it to me. Thank you so much, Kevin. Once again, you've pulled my fat ass out of the fire!

Today was a busy, busy day. I slept in, then ate a leisurely breakfast of Corn Flakes and Mountain Dew, and did almost nothing until noon.

Then, I showered, dressed, and started my day. ;-)

Caught the bus to the University, and paid my remaining fees (to keep the road to graduation in August clear), went to the bus station, bought a July bus pass, went to WorkSource downtown to meed with my DVR counselor. Turned out to be a really good meeting: we talked about how I should broach the subject of my disability with future employers (her advice: not until after they've given you a firm job offer in writing), what my plans are (short term: find a part-time job, long-term, find a permanent job), should I cut my hair & beard (no, but I do need a trim), how I can include my Wikipedia editing experience for any job I apply for, etc. I've also agreed to start going to job club every Monday morning, to network. Then she asked me what DVR could do for me, and here's what we came up with: DVR will pay for my graduation expenses (cap and gown rental). DVR will pay for a brand new outfit (shirt, slacks, shoes) for me to wear to interviews. And DVR will pay my bus pass all summer! Cool deal, no?

Afterwards, I went to Kevin's place to get the keyboard, then to get some groceries, including a $16 salad (don't ask), and now I'm home!

Now I just gotta get caught up on my emails and LJ comments...
Final grades are in now:

ENGL 335 Lit&Exprsn:Postwar Global Film: B
PLSC 445B0 Quebec Politics & Quebec-US Relations: B+

Did better than I thought I would in both classes. Interpersonal communication is the one I dropped.
School's over!

Diploma in August.
Was Québec responsible for Canada's decision
not to participate in the 2003 war in Iraq?

Kevyn Jacobs
Québec Politics and
Québec-U.S. Relations
Western Washington University
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Took my final in ENG 335 Postwar Global Film today. Think I did all right. As long as I get a 'C' in the class, I graduate.

Day after tomorrow is the POLSC 445B Québec Studies final, which is open book/open notes, so I am not worried about that... but I also have a 15-page paper due... eeek! Ah well. It's the finish line. One last push over the next 48 hours and...

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( Jun. 5th, 2008 01:45 pm)
Just had my last class session today. Now, it's on to FINALS WEEK (agh!)

I have 2 finals next week:

ENG 335 Global Postwar Film
Exam Tuesday, 08:00 (yuck).
Bring a Blue Book. Study Guide posted on BlackBoard.
ALSO DUE: 2-page transnational paper.

POLSC 445B Québec Studies
Exam Thursday, 15:30
Bring TWO Blue books. Open note/open book exam! (Yay!)
1. Revision of "Québec's American Problem" paper, adding 2 pages of personal analysis
2. 15-page paper on any Québec topic I like.

That's it. Once I complete the above, and turn in the paperwork for graduation in August, I am DONE!


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