Final grades are in now:

ENGL 335 Lit&Exprsn:Postwar Global Film: B
PLSC 445B0 Quebec Politics & Quebec-US Relations: B+

Did better than I thought I would in both classes. Interpersonal communication is the one I dropped.
School's over!

Diploma in August.
I'm going to try something a little different this quarter: I am going to post my class notes from WWU here on LJ.

I know from past experience that when I transcribe my handwritten class notes into typed form, I retain more of the information. No doubt, this is because I am processing the information a second time, and instead of processing from verbal/visual to written, I'm going from written (chicken scratch) to written. ;-)

I already type stuff here on LJ, and it is stored in a chronological manner, plus I can put tags on the entries, making it easier to go back and find the notes later. All of these are reasons why I am going to do this.

I know not everyone is interested in reading my class notes, so I will liberally use LJ cuts on the notes, so readers who don't care about Québec, Interpersonal Communications or World Film won't have their friends page filled up with lots of notes.

It will be interesting to see if doing this makes a difference in the retention of material at the end of the quarter.


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