If the mess the United States created in Iraq isn't bad enough, today we have this news:
Turkey Launches Ground Incursion Into Iraq; U.S. Objects.

The Kurds in northern Iraq ("Kurdistan") and the Turks have been sniping back and forth over the border for some time now. Turkey is terrified of Iraq breaking up into three countries, because the Kurds could end up with a country of their own -- which is the last thing Turkey wants.

The Kurdish people -- who have no country of their own -- are found spread across the territory that marks the border between Iraq and Turkey. (Their territory also extends into Iran, Syria and Armenia.) The Kurds in Turkey, who have battled the Turks for independence for years, are able to operate with support from the Kurds in Northern Iraq.

Now Turkey is fighting back, sending tanks and troops into Northern Iraq, in order to stop the Kurdish rebels.

I've been afraid of this.

Without Saddam Hussein in power, holding the artificial country of Iraq together (Iraq was artificially created by the British), and holding back the northern Kurds, this was bound to happen.

That's not to say I want Saddam back. I don't. But I've been afraid that this would happen sooner or later, and anyone who knew a lick about the ethnic tensions in the region could have foreseen this one coming.

So. The Turks are invading. Expect massive bloodshed.

I just hope were not looking at the beginnings of a World War here.


Sometimes I wish I was just an ignorant American, unaware of what's going on in other parts of the world.


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