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( Apr. 15th, 2009 06:31 pm)
As soon as I saw the headline on Drudge, I knew it was the beginning of the end. Sure, Drudge sensationalizes comments like Gov. Rick Perry's, who was probably just making empty threats to Washington D.C..

But the cat's out of the bag. Texas mythology has long held that the Lone Star State, as a former independent republic, could return to that status if it so desired. And I'll be VERY interested to see how the threat plays to Texans' ears, as well as the rest of the country. It may just get some people thinkin'...

For well over a decade, I've been predicting that the United States could go the way of the Soviet Union, the way Canada almost went (and may still). It's difficult to hold a large country together, especially if the central government goes bankrupt -- which may yet happen to the U.S.A. If it makes economic sense, mark my words, this country WILL disintegrate.

Perry, by making his comments, has broached a taboo subject in American political discourse that has stood since the American Civil War/War of Northern Aggression: Secession.

If the right wingers and Fox News harp on this endlessly, the wedge between Red State and Blue, between Democrat and Republican, could be driven in deeper. The country is beginning to fragment in some very fundamental ways, and the election of a black man as President is shaking the nation's roots far more than many Northern Progressives realize. There's a deep discontent in the country among the Southern, white, conservative, Christian working class. They see their very way of life under threat, from blacks, from immigrants, from gays, from Wall Street, from decaying morals. They sense that Washington D.C. no longer serves their interests.

That's a very powerful motivator for breaking away.

Now, I know my friends in Texas might say there's no way it could happen. And non-Texans might be very offended that I think the United States could break apart. But hear me out:

Texas has seceded before. It could do it again. And if it makes ECONOMIC sense to do so, it will.

And if it does, watch how quick Hawai'i follows suit.


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