Was Québec responsible for Canada's decision
not to participate in the 2003 war in Iraq?

Kevyn Jacobs
Québec Politics and
Québec-U.S. Relations
Western Washington University
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PLSC 445B – Québec Politics and Québec-U.S. Relations
Western Washington University
Mid-Term Journal Article Review
Kevyn 'Hagrid' Jacobs
12 May 2008

Haglund, D. (2006, Winter). Québec's America Problem: Differential Threat
Perception in the North American Security Community. American
Review of Canadian Studies
, 36(4), 552-567. Retrieved May 4, 2008, from
Academic Search Complete database.

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Another reason why I love my Québec class!

Today we were studying the political parties of Québec, and while discussing the Parti Québécois, our instructor showed us this clip from YouTube:

It's from a Québécois sketch comedy show, not unlike Saturday Night Live or This Hour Has 22 Minutes. It seems this particular sketch created a bit of a kerfuffle in Québec in 2006. It features impersonations of U.S. President George Bush and Canadian PM Stephen Harper in a parody of Brokeback Mountain, and doing a little hanky panky in a tent. This is funny in itself, because many see Harper as being politically "in bed" with Bush.

But what really got some people in the Parti Québécois upset was the punchline at the end -- that guy who pokes his head in the tent is André Boisclair, who at the time was the leader of the PQ and -- this is why it's funny -- is openly gay.

What he's saying when he pokes his head in is essentially, "Québec will have no part in this."

Quite a few members of the PQ found his appearance in the sketch comedy routine to be of questionable taste, and soon after, Boisclair resigned as leader of the PQ.
Class notes, Québec studies -- 9-APR-2008 (continued)

Continuing: Historico-Institutional Context of Québec from "Nouvelle-France" to the end of the Duplessis reign, 1534-1959
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Québec Politics & Québec-U.S. Relations -- Overview
Introduction: "Setting the Stage"
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Well isn't that interesting. Turns out that the Québec provincial government is paying for a part of my education.

Specifically, my Québec class is partly funded by a grant from Le gouvernement du Québec. Turns out that they are paying guest instructors to go to universities in the U.S., to educate American students about Québec culture and politics.

A noble goal, to be sure... but shouldn't my tuition be reduced, accordingly? ;-)


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