You know, I've heard tortured logic before, but this is just ridiculous:

So by RNC Chair Michael Steele's logic, then a being a schoolteacher isn't a job. Being a fireman isn't a job. Being a policeman isn't a job. Being a member of the military isn't a job. Hell, by that standard, my mother, who spent 22 years as a career U.S. Army Nurse, taking care of military personnel and dependants, and raising 3 kids that way, didn't have a job. It was just work.


This goes right to the heart of what's wrong with the Republican establishment today: They think that the "Free Market" is the solution to everything! I have news for them: IT'S NOT. It's just one tool in the toolbelt.

The truth, as I see it: The tool we need right now is a big dose of FDR-style SOCIALISM.


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