Took my final in ENG 335 Postwar Global Film today. Think I did all right. As long as I get a 'C' in the class, I graduate.

Day after tomorrow is the POLSC 445B Québec Studies final, which is open book/open notes, so I am not worried about that... but I also have a 15-page paper due... eeek! Ah well. It's the finish line. One last push over the next 48 hours and...

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( Jun. 5th, 2008 01:45 pm)
Just had my last class session today. Now, it's on to FINALS WEEK (agh!)

I have 2 finals next week:

ENG 335 Global Postwar Film
Exam Tuesday, 08:00 (yuck).
Bring a Blue Book. Study Guide posted on BlackBoard.
ALSO DUE: 2-page transnational paper.

POLSC 445B Québec Studies
Exam Thursday, 15:30
Bring TWO Blue books. Open note/open book exam! (Yay!)
1. Revision of "Québec's American Problem" paper, adding 2 pages of personal analysis
2. 15-page paper on any Québec topic I like.

That's it. Once I complete the above, and turn in the paperwork for graduation in August, I am DONE!


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