Scan of a bus pass from Skagit Transit (SKAT) , Skagit County, Washington, USA.
Obtained 2008.12.02, while job hunting in Mt. Vernon. Unlike WTA here in Bellingham, which has reusable plastic cards, SKAT has paper passes that are intended for short-term use. There is a magnetic stripe on the back.

I don't know why I scan these things. It's kind of a compulsion. Or simply a collection of useful colourful everyday objects. Bus passes are so ephemeral, and yet so laden with meaning. They give you the power to travel from one place to another. They free you up from having to manage currency while getting on the bus. They carry a "charge" of both environmental responsibility (look how low my carbon footprint is!), and also poverty (can't afford a car).

More of my bus pass scans here.


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