Wow, this is so cool!

Obama really amazes me sometimes. He actually respects diplomacy, and shows respect to the Iranian people! Could you imagine W doing something as classy as this?

There's an old Vulcan proverb, "Only Nixon could go to China." Maybe its time for a new one: "Only Obama could go to Iran."

The Israeli hawks aren't going to be happy about this. They want the U.S. to go to war with Iran.

My only quibble with his speech is that he said "relations between our nations have been strained for three decades." Actually, it's closer to six, since the CIA and British Petroleum overthrew Iran's democratic Mosaddeq government in 1953. But hey, who's counting, right?

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I am getting so sick of this Iraq/Iran confusion. It really burns me up how many Americans are idiots on this issue. Especially Americans who SHOULD know better. Did everyone in this country flunk grade 4 geography?

For example, take all this Bullshit "John McCain is best qualified to lead us in foreign affairs" rhetoric.

No, he's NOT, and just being shot down and interned in a Vietnamese prison camp for years DOES NOT qualify you to be President of the United States... And it certainly doesn't make you qualified to handle International Diplomacy!

McCain's latest demonstration that he has no concept of Middle Eastern geography and politics came this morning on ABC, when he stated that the Iraq-Pakistan border is a very dangerous place:

Problem is, Iraq and Pakistan don't share a border!

I know, I know, he "misspoke." Problem is, SENILE OLD McCain does this all the time. Like when his AIPAC handler, Joe Lieberman, had to publicly correct him on his statement that Iran was training Al Qaida. ARRRRGH! The man has NO CLUE! NONE!

And lest I be accused of being partisan here, I'm really NOT impressed with Green Party Vice-Presidential candidate Rosa Clemente for exactly the same reason. On an interview on Democracy Now this morning, she said:

"And, of course, an immediate withdrawal from Iran. And we must not be duped that a troop withdrawal in Iran could also mean a troop transfer in Afghanistan and more young people, particularly white working-class youth, being used as cannon fodder."
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This is my first exposure to Ms. Clemente. I have been seriously considering voting Green Party this year (voting against BOTH right-wing conservatives Barack Obama and John McCain), just as I have done in every Presidential election since 1996. But if this is the quality of candidate the Greens are running, not even the fact that they are the first party to run TWO women of color on their presidential ticket might be enough to get me to vote for her. I'll give her a pass for this first flub, but she is not inspiring me with confidence.

Sheesh, get me out of this country full of STUPID PEOPLE!
John McCain terrifies me. He is so gung ho to declare war on Iran, he gets confused on who the U.S. is fighting. I know, I know, it might just be a slip of the tongue of a tired politico... but I find it revealing of his mindset. What's especially interesting is that his minder, Sen. Joe Lieberman, who is firmly in the pocket of AIPAC, is the one that's keeping him on message about who "the enemies" are. (From MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann)

UPDATE: HuffPo is reporting McCain has done it AGAIN!
Wow... has it already been two months?

Captain Dylan and I celebrated our two-month anniversary by going to Radical Faerie coffee this morning. We had a nice time, and Saturday mornings at Faerie coffee continue to be the social highlight of my week, enjoying the company of my friends.

In the late afternoon, I took Dylan to the Pickford Theater to see a matinee showing of Persepolis, a fascinating animated movie that tells the coming of age story of a secular Iranian girl and her family, coping with the events of the Iranian Revolution, and her own inability to conform to the new conservative Islamist standards that are imposed upon her. A stunningly beautiful film, it offers a lot of insight into the Iranian people and culture. I highly recommend it.

Now we're back at the Captain's place, and I am working on my major short story for fiction writing class, while he cooks us a nice anniversary dinner.

I am so very happy with this man. He treats me right, and I am so in love with him!
I'm really starting to get nervous about this drumbeat for war with Iran. The Iraq debacle has shown that Americans are easily manipulated by propaganda and lies into going to war, much to the delight of the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex and the Bush-Cheney war profit machine.

Now there's evidence that the biggest reason given that Iran should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons, Iranian President Ahmadinejad's much-repeated quote that he wished to see Israel "wiped off the map" may actually be a mistranslation. According to UK Guardian Columnist Jonathan Steele, the phrase may actually be closer to "the regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time."

Kind of puts a different spin on the quote, doesn't it? While the first translation is abhorrent to me, I kind of agree with that second translation.

Now, I don't pretend to speak Farsi. I don't pretend to know if Jonathan Steele or his sources are reliable. But what I do know is that the Bush Administration cannot be trusted, and that the mainstream U.S. media, which is clearly in the pocket of the Israeli lobby, definitely cannot be trusted to tell a balanced truth about Middle Eastern affairs.

I don't know what the right answer is. But I do know that going to war with Iran over its nuclear programme may very possibly trigger World War III, with the U.S. and Israel on one side, and the Islamic world, Russia, and possibly China on the other side. Because of this danger, we must proceed very, very carefully.

Is it worth going to war over a mistranslation? With the stakes so high, isn't it worth stepping back from the rhetoric and propaganda, taking a deep breath, and studying the issue logically and dispassionately?

Let's not get goaded into an unjust war again. Given our history as a country, we need to let cooler, reasoned heads prevail. Please, please, please, I beg you, question EVERYTHING that the mainstream media and the Bush administration is telling you.

Our lives depend on it.


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