I'm still not getting any traction in the job hunt. No matter where I apply, there doesn't seem to be anything available for me that I am able to do (my physical disabilities limit the kinds of jobs I can take). I am not eligible for unemployment, I can't get state assistance or disability to pay my rent -- which I'm 2 months behind on -- my family can't help me, and my friends are going to get really tired of lending me money really fast. My landlord has given me until the end of the month to ride, but he has to pay his mortgage. I really don't have any prospects for working the grey market economy, and selling junk on eBay barely keeps me in cigarettes.

So, what happens when I hit the end of the month, if I still haven't found work?

The homeless shelter is certainly there, but being a resident of the shelter will probably not help either my job hunt or my mental state. And what will I do with all my stuff?

I'm not catastrophizing here. This is a VERY real possibility, and the clock is running out. I need to make plans for what to do if I do end up homeless.

I don't want to leave Bellingham, but I may be forced to. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to finance a move. I don't want to head back south. I really, really don't feel safe there.

My closest relatives are in Kentucky, and I *really* don't think I should head back there. That would mean re-establishing myself in a new state -- and a state without Washington's social safety net or public transportation system, to boot.

So, what can I do? What should I do?


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