For quite some time now, I've been saying that one of the REAL reasons we are in Iraq is not about 9-11, or WMDs, or "bringing Democracy," or even the old left-wing standby, a war for oil.

I believe we are in Iraq because WAR IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS.

Just follow the money... ask the question: "Who is making money off this war?"

It's the defense contractors.

This war is being fought for the benefit of Halliburton (Vice President Dick Cheney's company), and Kellogg Brown & Root, Bechtel, The Carlyle Group... the list goes of war profiteers goes on and on.

Eisenhower warned us this would happen in his farewell speech. (Video here 2:26 mins, a clip from the EXCELLENT documentary, "Why We Fight" -- if you haven't seen it, you really should.)

In that speech, my fellow Kansan warned the American people about the rise of the "Military-Industrial Complex" (In his original speech, edited before he gave it, he called it the "Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex"), and how these people who make money off of war were a danger to America.

Ike's warning rings so true, now. So please, America, ask the questions:

What if our soldiers are actually just fighting to make some business executives rich?

What if the people of Iraq are dying to pad the pockets of Dick Cheney & friends?

What if all this is REALLY about is money?

I say I and say it and say it, but I feel like nobody seems to "get it." Certainly nobody in the mainstream media is talking about this, and neither is the public. The DemoPublicans and RepubliCrats certainly aren't talking about it -- they are bought and paid for. You average taxpayer has no clues as to what is really going on, or where their money is going.

Anyway, I just heard another voice echoing mine, when columnist Robert Scheer published a piece yesterday entitled, "Ike Was Right."

Reading it was like a cold drink in a hot, dry summer. Finally -- FINALLY! -- someone in the media is saying it aloud!


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