I have a dilemma. I can't figure out who to vote for president:

Cynthia McKinney (Green Party) or Ralph Nader (Independent).

They're the only candidates talking about the real issues.

I've voted for the Green Party every presidential election since 1996 (1996: Nader, 2000: Nader, 2004: Cobb).

My dilemma is, should I give my protest vote to the Greens, or to Nader?

I like Nader. I really, really do. I wear as a badge of pride the fact that I worked very hard on his campaign to defeat Gore and Bush in 2000 (And if you blame me for Bush, you can just go back to one-party Soviet Russia where you belong, asshat).

But I also want to see the Green Party continue to grow and build in the United States.

Decisions, decisions.
Well well well... Look who has just decided to throw his hat into the ring:

Ralph Nader Declares as Independent Presidential Candidate

I was wondering if he was going to try again this year. It appears he's forgoing the Green Party this time (which is fine, because I like Cynthia McKinney as the Green nominee).

Expect the Democrats to start screaming "spoiler" now, accusing Nader of being an "egomaniac" who only really cares about his own personal aggrandizement, and not the good of the progressive movement, or the country. It's the same old tired arguments they trotted out in 2000 an 2004.

Nader's joining the race is a good thing, IMNSHO, for two main reasons: His political stance always forces the Democrats to work for the progressive left votes, which the Democrats tend to take for granted. This can pull the Democrats leftward, and away from the centrist "Republican Light" position they tend to want to hold.

And, an independent bid for the presidency widens the field, and forces the U.S. elections out of the Democrat/Republican duopoly. (The same holds true for the Greens).

This means we'll likely have THREE socially progressive candidates running: Obama (if he wins the nomination, and assuming he truly is a progressive), Nader, and McKinney. And two of those are African-American!

Which tells me the country WANTS to move in a more progressive direction, even though the power structure is built against it.

I love having a choice, though I doubt Nader can win against the Obama juggernaut. The mythic quality of the Obama bid is resonating strongly with the common people.

And I'm going to have to do some serious thinking about who to support. I'm still leaning Obama -- unless Clinton gets the nomination, in which case it's between Nader and McKinney.

This is looking to be one hell of an interesting year!

NAME: Kevyn Jacobs


EMPLOYER: Morris Digital Works

MAJOR CAREER GOAL: To retire early and start an intentional community of computer geeks (similar to an artist's colony) in the Pacific Northwest.



THING YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT TOASTMASTERS: Having the chance to practice public speaking skills.

BIRTHDAY: March 23, 1968

EDUCATION: Some college, currently taking night classes at ASU to finish my journalism degree.

BIRTH PLACE: Topeka, Kansas, USA

BIGGEST INFLUENCE IN YOUR LIFE: Having spent much of my childhood living abroad.

YOUR FAVORITE THING IN LIFE: Thinking about the BIG (and I do mean big) picture.

MARITAL STATUS: Single and loving it

CHILDREN: Not in this lifetime


1. I am a person who definitely marches to the beat of my own drummer.

2. I am an army brat.

3. I have a remarkable ability to remember useless minutia. You never want to play Trivial Pursuit against me. Someday, I plan on trying out as a contestant on Jeopardy!

MOST EXCITING THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU: In 1997, I spent 3-1/2 months living on a ship, traveling around the world, as a student in the Semester at Sea program. We visited Asia, Africa and Europe over the course of the voyage.

I am a member of the Green Party and currently am involved in the campaign to get Ralph Nader elected President of the United States.


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