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Kevin Jacobs (Grade 2?)
Look at those buck teeth!
I'm not entirely sure what year this is. It could be Grade 2, but it could also be earlier or later. I know from the stylin' mid-1970s German fashion that this probably was taken at Pastorius Elementary in Nürnberg, Germany.
Mom gave me a stack of my old school photos (extra prints, etc.). I know she must have more back in Kentucky, because there are so many years missing here. Also, none of them have years on them, so I'm not entirely sure what grades some of them are. I've done my best to identify them, and will try to get better dates from Mom, as well as scan the missing years.
Kevin Jacobs (Grade 4?)
I *think* this is Grade 4, but it could be Grade 3. Either way, this portrait would have been taken at Pastorius Elementary in Nürnberg, Germany. Notice the ungroomed hair, and the too-tight shirt, buttoned poorly. I've always had such great fashion sense (I get it from my mother).  This was around the time I started to get chunky, as is evidenced by my sprouting man-boobs.
Kevin Jacobs (Grade 5?)
I'm pretty sure this has to be Grade 5, for a couple of reasons. Grade 5 was my first year of school in the U.S., and I'm sporting the scar under my right eye that I got when my uncle tried to teach me to shoot guns after we returned to the states. Also, the outfit is not a Catholic school uniform, so it can't be Grade 6-7-8. That means it would have been taken at Terrace Manor Elementary, Augusta, GA, in 1979 or 1980.
Kevin Jacobs (Grade 7?)
The uniform definitely says St. Mary's On-The-Hill Catholic School in Augusta, Georgia. I went there for 6th and 7th grade, and this could conceivably be either of them. Note the really bad haircut. Not long before this photo was taken, I had a psychotic break, where I chopped off my hair with a pair of scissors in a fit of self-directed rage. It took me many years and lots of therapy to learn how to cope with my mental illness.

Kevin Jacobs (Grade 9)
Freshman year of high school, 1982-1983, Silver Valley High School, Yermo, California.
Kevin Jacobs (Grade 12)
Senior year of high school, 1985-1986, Ft. Knox High School, Ft. Knox, Kentucky. The tie was a borrowed clip-on.
Kevin Jacobs (Grade 12)
Senior year of high school, 1985-1986, Ft. Knox High School, Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I remember barely fitting into the rattan chair.
Wow, I had forgotten all about this:
Honourary Canadian Citizenship certificate
I got this on April 11, 1998, more than a decade ago.
It's still out there on the net, and I only rediscovered it because I have Google Alerts set up to notify me when my name is mentioned somewhere on the Internet. From time to time, it "re-finds" old stuff that has been floating around out there for years (or in this case, decades), and alerts me to their presence.

Get your own honourary Canadian citizenship here.


here is the drawing i did of you. :]

if you want to come to the show and see all the bus people [ so you know it's not a cover story :) ] i will be having my solo show at digs [corner of holly & commercial] in may. i can let you know when the opening is when i know for sure!

so far you are everyones favorite portrait, thought you might like to know that ;]

have a fabulous weekend. and i hope the job hunt is going better.


I think she did a nice job of capturing the eyes.

Coming home on the bus after seeing "Battle in Seattle," a young woman started snapping my photo. (This one captures the moment just when I realized she was doing it.) She's a fine arts student at WWU, and likes to take pictures of people unawares on the bus, so she can draw them. Either she was telling the truth, or she's an agent of U.S. Homeland Security keeping tabs on me. Probably the former, because she agreed to email them to me, and email me a copy of the drawing when she's done. Then again, it may just be a cover story.
Photo by Kelly Björk.

Kansas State Collegian mugshot, January 1996.

I never did blog this video, and I just came across it again, so better late than never (4 months later). I give you: Bellingham's First Gay Pride Parade, July 15, 2007. (I am interviewed at around 00:35 -- in a Fabulous Scruffy Rumbler Original -- and appear again at about 03:20, walking next to the incomparable Whoretense's Apocolypticop car!)

(Direct link to video)

Pride 2007 Radical Fairy
Originally uploaded by Nightsinge
And here's a photo of me I found at Flickr!

NAME: Kevyn Jacobs


EMPLOYER: Morris Digital Works

MAJOR CAREER GOAL: To retire early and start an intentional community of computer geeks (similar to an artist's colony) in the Pacific Northwest.



THING YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT TOASTMASTERS: Having the chance to practice public speaking skills.

BIRTHDAY: March 23, 1968

EDUCATION: Some college, currently taking night classes at ASU to finish my journalism degree.

BIRTH PLACE: Topeka, Kansas, USA

BIGGEST INFLUENCE IN YOUR LIFE: Having spent much of my childhood living abroad.

YOUR FAVORITE THING IN LIFE: Thinking about the BIG (and I do mean big) picture.

MARITAL STATUS: Single and loving it

CHILDREN: Not in this lifetime


1. I am a person who definitely marches to the beat of my own drummer.

2. I am an army brat.

3. I have a remarkable ability to remember useless minutia. You never want to play Trivial Pursuit against me. Someday, I plan on trying out as a contestant on Jeopardy!

MOST EXCITING THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU: In 1997, I spent 3-1/2 months living on a ship, traveling around the world, as a student in the Semester at Sea program. We visited Asia, Africa and Europe over the course of the voyage.

I am a member of the Green Party and currently am involved in the campaign to get Ralph Nader elected President of the United States.


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