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( Jun. 11th, 2008 01:04 pm)
Remember on Monday, when I posted that it was really cold and wet and dark outside? Well the unseasonably cold spell for the Pacific Northwest has continued unabated. In fact, it's been the coldest June on record, here.

Today, the Seattle Times ran this headline, front page, above the fold:
Seattle weather: Colder than Siberia!

I just checked the National Weather Service to verify this, and yep, we're colder than Siberia right now (though not by much). At 1 PM today, Bellingham was +10 C (50 F). In Barnaul, Siberia, it was +12 C (53 F).

Wow. Colder than Siberia! I knew it was cold, but geez!

I suppose I shouldn't complain, though... I hear it's miserably hot back east and down south.
After work this evening, I went out to dinner with Mike ([ profile] bigmacbear), who is in town for the week, scouting out jobs and living locations in the area. I had never met Mike before tonight, but his partner, Gary ([ profile] gmjambear), is an old friend. They live in New York, and are contemplating moving to the Seattle area. I'm thrilled at the idea, because I adore Gary, I look forward to having more friends in the area.

After dinner - spicy Thai food - I took Mike on a driving tour of the greater Seattle area, to show him the layout of the place and point out some interesting areas to look for housing and jobs. Mike has rented a convertible for his stay, so we rode around with the top down, since it wasn't raining.

From Lynnwood, we drove down I-405, through Belleview and then to Renton, where all the high tech companies are (including Microsoft). Then we took I-5 north to Seattle, where I took him on a tour of the gaybourhood of Capitol Hill, pointing out various bars, bathhouses and such. Then it was up to Volunteer Park to the Asian Art Museum, where we got out and stretched and looked through the sculpture that looks out over the Space Needle. Then we hit I-5 again, back north to Lynnwood, completing a big circle around the region. I hope he found the tour helpful, and enjoyed spending the time visiting and getting to know him. He's a great guy. Plus he's handsome to boot! Gary's a lucky man.

I told Mike I'd have several evenings free during the rest of his time in the area, and to give me a call if he wanted to hang out some more before he left town.


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