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( Dec. 7th, 2007 12:37 pm)
Last night, Wayne was bored and had money. I was bored and broke. So he invited me to go with him to the movies to see Beowulf, the new animated retelling of the Old English epic poem.

I really enjoyed it, and I must say, there were some HAWT HAWT HAWT men in this movie! The movie kind of tries to be a cross between 300 and Lord of the Rings, and though it doesn't always hit, there's plenty of juicy eye candy for guys like me, who like to watch big, butch, bearded, hairy, muscled manly men running around with few clothes on. ;-)

The motion-capture animation is superb, though it's just not quite real yet. I understand what some critics have said about "soulless eyes." But Beowulf does nicely show where the state of the art of cg animation is now, and though this motion picture will probably someday be seen as "quaint," because of the artificial quality that animation hasn't quite overcome yet, we're well on the way to a world where actors and their performances are stored as digital models in a computer. Amazing stuff.



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