I got a letter from the Washington DSHS today, saying they are discontinuing my medical coverage and monthly cash benefits, effective immediately. (For some reason, I'm still getting food assistance, though).
A plea for financial help )

Let me reiterate this point: I'm asking for LOANS, not handouts. I will repay any money I receive as a result of this plea (Plus 10% interest. Seriously.)

Think of this as an investment in me, my education, and my future. Any amount will help.

Thank you.

Donate here:

AAAAAGH! I'm having major nicotene withdrawals. I'm edgy, jumpy, hostile... and broke. Great, just great.

Anyone want to volunteer to be an enabler for me here and send me $6.50 via PayPal so I can go buy smokes?

Seriously, I'm begging for money for cigaretttes. Save me from having to go panhandle on streetcorners or smoking butts out of ashtrays.

Donate here:



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