Called Manpower and Kelly to let them know I am available (I call them once a week).

Scanned CraigsList for any leads. Not much.

Feel like I am just going thru the motions. I am sure that shows in interviews. I don't fake enthusiasm well.
Went a-huntin' for a job today. O woe is me.

Printed up my résumé all prettyfied, and got myself gussied up in my new clothes and hit the local temp agencies.

Manpower was first, where the woman seemed impressed and said I presented myself well, but said I may be "too hairy" for some offices, and the job market's flat right now. Whatever. I was still in their system, and she said it only said good things about my performance at previous job placements.

Kelly Services was next, where I got back on the active list, and got the contact info for the Kelly Tech office in Seattle.

Then I went to Express Personnel, filled out one an application, and handed it in with my résumé. The lady was impressed with my résumé presentation. She said they'd call me Wednesday to set up an interview.

Which is great, except that means I had to email Bruce and tell him I couldn't go with him to American Ridge Wednesday. I hafta be a grown-up. Whine whine whine.


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