Now this is interesting: The Wall Street Journal ran an article yesterday about Igor Panarin's prediction that the United States will break up.

Panarin is the same guy whose predictions I blogged about over a month ago, when his predictions were reported in the Russian Press. I've long held the belief that, if it could happen to the U.S.S.R., militarily spending itself into oblivion, then it could happen to the U.S.A.

Because it was coming from the Russian Press back then, I suspected it might be a bit of information warfare on the part of the Russians. In the information age, there are memes that can be used to demoralize a people -- in this case, the idea of a break-up could be used to further weaken the U.S.

What I never expected to see was the stodgy Wall Street Journal picking up this story. This intrigues me. Why cover this story... and why now? Why propagate this meme among the financial elites of the United States?

I cannot help but see Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch's hand in this somehow (Murdoch recently purchased the WSJ). His M.O. is all about propaganda for his particular right-wing agenda, and I am wondering... is there more to this than just an interesting story?

We'll have to watch and see...


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