By now you've probably heard the news that LiveJournal has laid off a significant part of their staff. This is not good news, and may mean that LJ is imploding as a for-profit service.

A group of users are starting to rally to buyout LJ as a non-profit. It's worth considering -- if LJ is owned by users, instead of a corporation only interested in the bottom line, it could continue.

[ profile] ljuser_buyout is a new LJ group founded for just that purpose. Below is the first post from the group. I'll hope you'll consider joining this effort to keep LJ alive.

Once upon a time, Brad Fitz sold LJ to SixApart, which then promptly sold it again to Sup for $30 million.

Sup, in the meantime, has had difficulty making a profit on LJ and now seems to think the whole deal was a loser. They recently fired 20 of LJ's 28 employees, leaving only a caretaker financial staff with little or no technical expertise. It turns out to be very difficult to make money on a network and blog site like LJ.

Which means LJ will languish and wither for lack of support, or be sold off to somebody else to see if they can make a go of it.

But what if a million or two LJ users got together and pitched in to create a not-for-profit foundation to buy LJ back and run it for the benefit of its users?

This community now exists as a rallying point for the organization of exactly such an effort.

Welcome. If you are interested in joining us in planning, organizing, and effecting a user buyout of LiveJournal, please join us.

(Ganked from [ profile] ogam)
It occurs to me as I look through my LJ message inbox that there's a bunch of comments I have never responded to. This seems to be a normal behaviour pattern for me: I don't always respond to everything, because I don't feel compelled to do so.

Is anybody offended by this behaviour on my part?

Even though LJ is considered to be a "social networking" site, for me it is first and foremost a journal, a chronological record of my life, where I put down what I am thinking, feeling, what I am horrified by and amused by, photos, school papers, movie tickets, and bric-a-brac. It's a digital scrapbook for me - the operative word being ME. It just happens that you are allowed to see it.

The "social" part of LJ is secondary to me -- I don't look at my LJ as a dialogue (though many times it is one) so much as a monologue, where people can comment if they want to, and sometimes I even respond.

I am a very public person by nature, but I do employ levels of privacy -- if you're not on my friends list, you don't get to see the more salacious, personal or controversial stuff that I post. (Ask me if you want to be added). And, of course, I also post things that I don't share with *anyone*, for my eyes only.

Just as I don't feel compelled to answer every voice mail I receive, or every email I receive, I don't feel obliged to respond every time someone comments on my journal.

I guess what I am asking here: Am I being rude? Are people bothered when I don't respond?


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