I just had my Abilify prescription filled for the month, and I noticed the amount RiteAid is billing the State of Washington for my 30 tablets: $549.99!

That's $18.33 per tablet!

Sheesh, this is why I can't afford to work right now -- I need the psych meds in order to function, and I can't afford the meds without insurance... but I can only work part-time, and I can't find a part-time job with full insurance! If I work, I lose my benefits, and then I won't be able to work...

We need Universal Health care so desperately in this country, free from the gouging insurance companies, and in order to keep the pharmaceutical companies in check. Single Payer. That's all there is to it. (Unfortunately, Obama has taken it off the table.)

Third worst mistake this country ever made (after slavery and First Nations genocide) was tying health care to employment. Big, big mistake.


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