I have this amazing friend named Whoretense. He's a mad scientist.


He's one of the Bellingham Radical Faeries, and he's an engineer in his mundane life. But his passion... is creating these amazing fusions of art and engineering that must be seen to be believed.

Like today. After the gay marriage demonstration, he asked me to go with him up to Red Square at WWU, to try out his latest objet d'art -- a remote controlled wedding cake. With two grooms on top.

I'm not making this up!

He made a fake wedding cake out of a RC car. And put two grooms on top of it.

So we went to WWU and tried it out. It worked well! Passerby didn't seem to know what to make of a gay wedding cake zipping around Red Square!

More photos here.

Unfortunately, after only a few minutes, the batteries died, and that was the end of the WWU field test. But in light of today's protests downtown, it was oh so fabulous!

I have the best friends!


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