To my fellow USAians:

About that stimulus check you're getting from the government this week: Enjoy it.

Because I'm not getting one.

I didn't make enough money last year to get one.

In fact, when I did my taxes for April 15th, not only did I not get a refund... I had to PAY $70 in owed taxes (money I really couldn't afford, and had to borrow to pay).

I find it really ironic -- and you don't hear about this in the media at all -- that those of us in the lowest tax bracket, those who could use the check the most, aren't getting a rebate check at all.

So I sent in my money to the IRS April 15th, and watched it vanish in a puff of smoke, into Iraq military contractors, into interest payments on debt, and into stimulus package rebate checks that are going to people who need the money less than I do.

Who's bitter? Me? No way.


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