Seriously. I want to be a wired human.

Not in the Borg sense, with electronics embedded in my body. That would be crazy-making.

What I want -- and I have been dreaming about this for several years -- is a way to do everything I already do on my computer while I am outside walking in the woods.

No, really! I want to be able to walk away from my computer, and still be able to access the net.

I want to be able to read BoingBoing and Common Dreams on the road. I want to write blog entries on LJ while walking in the woods. I want to watch TV and movies while on Walkabout. I want to make video conference calls from anywhere. I want to read and write emails while walking down the sidewalk. I want to be able to write, edit, and manipulate text, code, and graphics wherever there is a wireless connection. I want to play games in bed. I want to read novels while crossing the continent.

In short: I want to stop being a "mouse potato."
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