As I wrote last week, my sister Nettie is a U.S. Army EMT/medic, whose unit in Kentucky was called up to assist in relief efforts in New Orleans.

After several days of having all their gear packed up, ready to go, just awaiting the go order, they were told to stand down.

I guess they just weren't needed after all.

At least Mom is helping out with the Red Cross.

I'm going back to bed.
"Win in Iraq?" Give me a break. We can't even evacuate a major U.S. city in a timely and humane fashion. If the war in Iraq is being run ANYTHING like the relief efforts in New Orleans, then it's no wonder that we can't win in Iraq. Superpower my ass. And the whole world is watchng.

I am FURIOUS that the Louisiana and Mississippi National Guards are off in Iraq fighting Bush's manufactured war, when they should have been at home, prepared to respond to domestic emergencies. That's what they are for, not Imperial oil-grab excursions.

This whole affair has shown me that this country is collapsing in on itself. The idea that the government is here to help the people has been revealed as a lie. It's every man for himself.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!
I spoke with my little sister, Nettie, on the phone tonight. Her unit is being sent to Camp Shelby, Mississippi, tomorrow to help with the rescue efforts in New Orleans. (She is an army medic/EMT, based at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky). She'll be EVACing people out of New Orleans by helicopter.

She only told Mom that her unit is being sent to Mississippi to help with the Gulf Coast disaster relief efforts. She hasn't told Mom that she'll be flying missions into New Orleans, because she doesn't want Mom to worry overly much.

I just have to say, I so immensely proud of my little sister.

Go Go Nettie to the Rescue!


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