My leg's condition hasn't changed in the past couple of days -- the left knee and foot still hurts, but I'm hobbling around with a cane, slowly and painfully. Like House, M.D., but without as much attitude.

I've been getting the laundry done at a glacial pace over the past few days. Going up and down the stairs is still a dicey affair for me -- I swear I need to move to a ground floor apartment -- and every load of laundry requires me to walk up and down the stairs, usually laden with a laundry basket. Not fun. So I've been doing the laundry piecemeal over the course of several days, and it's very slowly getting done.

This morning I went down to do a load, and after I walked back up with a basket of clean clothes, I was so exhausted and in so much pain that I knew there was no way I was going to make it to physical therapy this morning... so I called and cancelled. My next appointment is Tuesday.

I've been doing the exercises at home that they have given me, so I'm not shirking, I just don't have the energy and drive this morning, and the pain is too great. That's one of the biggest problems with my physical condition right now -- leaving the apartment has become so much of an ordeal that I can't always do it when I need to.


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