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Release Date: Jul 17, 2008
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
(C) 2008 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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Notice that Alan Moore's name isn't on it?

Steam, Alan, steam...
Rick took me to see The Dark Knight tonight. Good movie. Incredibly dense, psychologically. Heath Ledger as Joker stole the show from Batman. Worth seeing in the theater.

But what REALLY got me excited: During the previews, they showed THIS: (Sans the Blunty3000 PostScript)

I can't wait! I sure hope they don't screw Alan Moore's masterpiece up.

Who watches the Watchmen?
Spice $20 Phone
Move over, iPhone. The *coolest* cell phone ever has just been released by Spice Ltd. of India, and it's gonna be *huge*... and it only costs $20.

That's right, a $20 cell phone. It doesn't have a screen. It doesn't have a flippy cover. It doesn't have anything but bare bones functionality.

The People's Phone is a phone that is only that -- a phone.

And it's aimed squarely at the poorest people in the world.

When I say this is gonna be huge, I mean it. A cell phone at this price point is going to penetrate the world's poorest markets -- South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America -- in a way that no other cell phone can. And Spice has its sights set on the global market.

I've heard it said that whole parts of the world's population are going to skip right over the first generations of telecommunications -- wired telephones -- and go right into mobile phones. With this hitting the market, I can believe it.

Alan Moore famously said that we, as a species, are rapidly evolving from a culture of liquid to a culture of steam. With a product like this, I think we're watching it happen.


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