What is it about the day after Halloween and smashing pumpkins?

This morning, I took the bus to RadFae coffee, and in almost every neighbourhood we rode through, the remains of smashed pumpkins could be seen in the streets. It seems almost everyone in Bellingham decided to get rid of their Jack-O-Lanterns by throwing them into the street. What an orange, goopy mess! Ah well, at least it's biodegradable.

After I got off the bus, I walked across Railroad Ave. (the bar district) on the way to the coffee house. Downtown was TRASHED! There must have been one hell of a party down there last night, because candy wrappers and beer bottles were EVERYWHERE! I even saw the occasional discarded witch's hat and costume pieces... I really should have gone down there last night!

Apparently, there was a bit of guerrilla theatre during the festivities, when scores of zombies blocked traffic to perform a choreographed rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in the middle of street. I wish I could have seen it... fortunately, someone uploaded it to YouTube:

Gotta love Bellingham!
The boys downstairs got dressed up and went partying last night. Nate dressed up as a vampire, and Mike dressed as the creepy Burger King (He borrowed my bathrobe). Around midnight, they showed up at my place, trashed, asking me to take photos of them.

I sure have fun neighbours!
Just heard on CBC radio:

Q: What's the scariest costume you could wear for Halloween this year?

A: Dress up as a mutual fund statement!

1997.10.31 Halloween Buddha
Originally uploaded by kevynjacobs
By request of [livejournal.com profile] pocketlama, here is a photo of me in my 1997 Halloween costume, while a student on Semester at Sea. The theme of Halloween that year was "Things we had seen on our voyage." I had just spent the past few weeks visiting multiple Buddhist temples all over Asia, so this outfit seemed natural. (And for the record, that's a Buddhist swastika, not a Nazi one.)


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