Hmmmmmm.... This just published today. Wonder why they waited so long? Interesting timing, given what's going on in my life...

From the
Bellingham Herald, Bellingham, Washington
Published Nov. 07, 2008

COLLEGES: WWU names summer graduates
Dean Kahn

The following Whatcom County students were 2008 summer graduates at Western Washington University:

Bellingham: Kali Albin, bachelor’s, psychology; Abdulsala Almarhoon, master’s, business administration; Matthew Anderson, bachelor’s, business administration; Aspen Gaia, bachelor’s, interdisciplinary; Brenda Apt, bachelor’s, human services; Edward Arthur, master’s, anthropology; Melissa Baldwin, bachelor’s, human services; Lisa Bates, bachelor’s, Spanish; Christopher Bauer, bachelor’s, philosophy; Ryan Beatty, master’s, educational administration; and Joshua Benham, bachelor’s, geology.

Libby Berg, bachelor’s, community health; Laura Best, bachelor’s, communication sciences; Erik Bies, master’s, human movement; Victoria Bigelow, bachelor’s, psychology; Rebecca Bowles, bachelor’s, accounting; Evan Bridges, bachelor’s, art; Edwina Broadway, bachelor’s, accounting; Cannon Brooke, bachelor’s, history; Ian Callaghan, bachelor’s, interdisciplinary; Joseph Carpenter, master’s, business administration; Kristin Chambers, master’s, business administration; Lindsay Christopher, bachelor’s, general studies; and Amy Collins, bachelor’s, political science.
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Megan Copenhaver, bachelor’s, psychology; Erin Cross, bachelor’s, sociology; Russ Cunningham, bachelor’s, p.e.; Marissa Darlingh, bachelor’s, psychology; Maxwell Davis, bachelor’s, history; Maeghan Demmons, master’s, student affairs; Angela Dittmar, master’s, business administration; Andrea Donley, master’s, business administration; Timothy Douglass, bachelor’s, biology; Sarah Duffy, bachelor’s, English; Benjamin Eilers, bachelor’s, self-designed; Rebekah Engley, bachelor’s, physics; Amanda Enlow, bachelor’s, English; Joshua Frazier, bachelor’s, business administration; Joanne Granger, bachelor’s, English; Kevin Green, bachelor’s, communication; and Joshua Grubb, bachelor’s, recreation.

Christopher Haas, bachelor’s, business administration; Sara Helm, bachelor’s, psychology; Kim Hendricks, master’s, education; Jessica Hughes, master’s, speech; Katherine Imus, bachelor’s, art history; Dana Irwin, bachelor’s, psychology; Robert Isaacson, master’s, geology; Kevyn Jacobs, bachelor’s, general studies; Amanda Johns, bachelor’s, journalism; Brian Johnson, master’s, student affairs; Nancy Joseph, master’s, business administration; Jon Junell, master’s, business administration; Patrick Jung, bachelor’s, anthropology; Eric Kingery, bachelor’s, sociology; Andrew Knox, bachelor’s, politics; Jeanne Koetje, bachelor’s, history; Kyle Koger, bachelor’s, geology; Casey Lawrence, bachelor’s, business administration; and Stephanie Lewis, bachelor’s, human services.
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