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( May. 20th, 2009 09:59 pm)
This evening, I've experienced a bit of a mood swing, from despairing to feeling confident again. After feeling so down for a while, it's good to feel good again.

No doubt, this is in part because I've actually got something in my belly other than just carbs (tip o' the hat to [personal profile] detailbear for reminding me that my diet hasn't been so great lately), and in part because the Abilify dose is back down to the level where I feel good, and in part because of the good weather, and in part because I'm looking forward to this coming weekend at the Longhouse.

But whatever the reasons, I felt good enough and energetic enough this evening that I went for a short walk to the woods and back at 9:30 -- my second walk today! -- and am doing some thinking about my future and where I'm going. I'm even thinking about trying to work again... how's THAT for a mood swing?

In any case, I've got a lot to think about, and I have a feeling that things are going to start clicking into place here again... break time is over!
Wow... that was like, really nice!

I had a lunch date today, with [ profile] porthos74.

Lunch turned into spending 11 hours with him -- I really enjoyed his company.

He walked in to the restaurant wearing a pair of sexy-as-all-hell buccaneer's boots and a pea coat. He has long flowing locks, and a beard. Looks kind of like a pirate. Hot hot hot!

Over lunch at Jalapenos, we talked and laughed, and found we have a lot in common. It really was a fun first date. And he has a sexy accent, too - a touch of Welsh English (his family came from Wales, though he was born and raised in Pennsylvania).

After lunch, we went walking up on Sehome hill. Then I gave him the tour of Fairhaven College and the Outback. Then we went back to my place and drank a bottle of wine, and talked. Then we we drove over to James St. Estates, to look at all the pretty Xmas lights. Then to his place, where we had dinner, then played pool (he has a billiard table in his apartment). Then we watched a movie together ("Clue").

It was all very comfortable, very nice.

After ten hours together, we finally kissed. Bliss.

Then he took me home. We're taking this slow. I'm glad.

I like this guy!


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